Raw mediapan (MDF)

Mediapan sheets (MDF) are fiber-looking sheets of medium density. MDFs are produced by wood fibers mixed with gum on a high temperature and pressure, so that the „carpet“surface is formed. This is the raw mediapan sheet. MDFs are commonly used in furniture construction. Main advantages of MDFs are its density, consistence, easy processing which makes it ideal basis for veneer production. MDFs are produced in size 2620x2200 mm. 

Estruidited chip

Estruidited (hollow) chip is used mostly for the door production, where standards demands higher resistance and better sound proof (entrance doors) such as hotels and other objects. Dimensions are: 1888 x 1200 x 032mm, 2054 x 1200 x 034 mm and 2054 x 1200 x 044 mm, therefore with combined tailoring it is possible to achieve significant savings. The advantage of hollow chip is of course its lower weight compared to common chip. Average weight of a door is from 8-10g.

Door wings

Modern construction faces new demands for sound proof doors, barriers etc., therefore „Alpo d.o.o“has broadened assortment to door wings. To fill the door wings, hollow chipboard in dimensions of 32mm, 34mm and 44mm is being used in order to provide sound proof up to 28 of decibel intensity. For the production of the standardized door wings 3,2mm MDFs and fir batten are used. There is possibility for production of door wings of not-standardized dimensions if demanded by the customer.


For the surface gluing and veneering (so called “hot gluing”) we use urea-formaldehyde glues in powder, which is especially applicable for use in small series of furniture or realization of interiors. For “cold-gluing” high-quality dispersion adhesive “mekol” is used, in production of veneers.

Veneered sheets

We enrich the raw chip, mediapan and panel sheets with natural veneers of oak, ash, beech, cherry, walnut or other sorts from our assortment and according to orders of our customers. The surface of the sheet is coated by fine polish. Veneer of A quality is used for front and of B quality for back side. The width of joint veneer is 0,6mm and it is joined using “hot pressing” method (without thread). Veneered sheets are widely and variably used in production and design of furniture, interiors, coatings and paravans and many others in households, hotels, offices, conference rooms etc.